Sell Memory, Processors, Hard Drives, Cell Phones, Laptops & More to Us

Are you ready to sell your surplus computer memory, desktop and laptop memory scrap,  processors hard drives, cell phones, laptops and more?  We are ready to buy it!















We are always looking to buy large quantities of new or used CPU chips, memory module, cell phones, hard drives, laptops, and other computer related parts! Click GET YOUR FREE QUOTE to get a no-obligation quote. Large or small, working or not, we take it all! Sell memory, processors, cell phones, hard drives, laptops, motherboards & other E-Scrap to us, we pride ourselves on paying the most!


Call us today at: 321-972-6633


We pay Top Dollar when we buy your used, surplus, obsolete or scrap:

  • Cell phones: iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung & Other Brands
  • Processors: 386/486, slot processor, ceramic processor, fiber processor, Pentium processor, pin/pinless processor
  • Memory (gold, tin/ silver, Rambus/metal top): DDR, DDR2, DDR3, desktop memory, laptop memory, printer memory, server memory
  • Hard Drives: desktop hard drives, laptop hard drives, server hard drives, SATA HDD, PATA(IDE) HDD, SCSI drive, SSD HDD
  • Laptops: complete and incomplete units
  • Motherboards and finger boards


No volume is too big for us. In fact, the more you have, the more we would pay!

Sell your unwanted computer scrap and other e-waste quickly and easily, once and for all.

We do the work and you get paid!


Sell Memory (RAM)                                                      Sell Processors (CPUs)


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Hardrives                                                                          Laptops


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