How to Sell Memory

Computers come in many brands and sizes: from big mainframes to slim laptops.


The one thing every computer has in common is memory. Without RAM (that is, “random access memory,”) computers wouldn’t be able to operate.


We don’t think about computer memory very much, because the chips and circuit boards of RAM are hidden inside our equipment.


That’s why many people don’t realize that it is possible to sell memory.


You may wonder why anybody would want to buy those RAM memory chips and circuit boards inside your computer. The fact is, those memory components are made from tiny amounts of precious metals.


As everyone knows, gold, silver and copper are valuable, even in small amounts. They can be retrieved from old computers and resold at a profit. That’s why there is a market for people who want to sell memory from their old computers.


So why and when would your company want to sell memory?


For one thing, if your company has recently upgraded its computer systems and equipment, you may now be stuck with excess computer memory. Think about it: Just like you might be able to sell off your businesses old furniture or fixtures after your buy new ones, your business can sell memory, too.


Or perhaps your company has been part of an acquisition or merger. We all know what that means: redundant, duplicated computer equipment as two or more companies blend into one. That is another perfect time to sell memory that’s inside all those extra computer notebooks, laptops, desktops, mainframes and tablets.


Maybe your company has finally done a complete inventory of its computer assets and realizes it needs to sell off or recycle all that used, obsolete equipment once and for all. Once again, remember what that means: Every single old computer contains RAM, which can be sold off.


The question is: Exactly HOW do you sell memory?


It is easier than you might think to sell memory that you no longer need. There is nothing “technical” about it. Don’t worry: you don’t have to be a computer expert to sell computer RAM!


All you have to do to sell memory is to call us!


The prices we offer can vary depending on the ups and downs of the precious metals market and demand for different types of RAM.


Regardless, we always pay by TOP DOLLAR for memory chips and circuit boards. We will help you sell memory of all kinds: SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 (PC2), DDR3 (PC3), desktop RAM, laptop RAM, printer RAM and more!


It doesn’t matter what kind of computer equipment you have. We purchase all types and brands of computer memory, DELL, HP, Hynix, Kingston, Crucial, Infineon, Samsung, Corsair, OCZ, PNY, Edge, Adata, Actica, Patriot, Ultra, Viking, Rendition, Super Talent, Transcend, Centron and more! – large and small, old or new, broken or functioning.


If you are still wondering how to sell memory, remember that it couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is contact us. After that, we do the work!


Selling old RAM is a great way to make some money from something you might have been thinking about throwing in the trashcan or the recycling bin.


Think of old computer RAM as “hidden treasure” that’s just gathering dust and taking up space.


Sell memory – don’t throw it away!


You’ll be paid within one business day after your shipment arrives at our facilities.


Call us TODAY at 321-972-6633 and find out how to sell memory quickly and easily, for the very best price!

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