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Sell RAM Sell Used Memory

Sell Memory | Sell RAM | Sell Used Memory

Sell RAM. We buy and sell memory of all types: server memory, desktop memory, laptop memory, and more! DDR, DDR2, DDR3, we take it all! Everyone has used RAM laying around. In a drawer or box that is doing nothing but collecting dust. Act now and put cash in your pocket. It’s smart, quick and easy to sell ram to us. Maybe you have some old computers that are broken or just outdated or not being used for some reason. Well they have ram in them and if you sell ram to us we will give you the best possible price guaranteed. How can we guarantee that? With our PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE that’s how. So get all your old RAM together and sell RAM to and start thinking about what your going to do with the extra money.

 Sell Server Memory RAM (new or used) to us and get paid today!


  • We pay the most for your memory- PRICE MATCH guarantee
  • FAST turn-around: as soon as 1 business day
  • Free memory sorting/testing and report — at our cost
  • No job is too big: The more RAM memory you have, the more we will pay you per RAM.
  • We buy all memory brands, all memory types, and all conditions.

What kind of memory does BUYSELLRAM.COM buy and sell?

In short, we buy and sell RAM of all brands and all types. From 1gb memory to 32gb memory, from desktop and laptop RAM to server RAM, from Samsung memory modules to HP memory modules. We take it all!

Sell RAM, Random Access Memory to! We accept the following memory brands:

  • Crucial
  • Cisco
  • Corsair
  • Dell
  • Edge
  • Elpeda
  • HP
  • Hynix
  • IBM
  • Infineon
  • Kingston
  • Micron
  • Nanya
  • Qimonda
  • Samsung
  • Sun
  • and much more!

Selling your old computer memory for the most cash is easier than you think. Learn more about your simple delivery and fast, secure payment options HERE.

Sell Server RAM | Sell Server Memory

 Sell Server RAM

We accept the following types:

Desktop RAM – also known as DIMM or UDIMM or Non-ECC Unbuffered memory

Laptop RAM – also known as SO-DIMM

Server RAM – also known as RDIMM or ECC Registered memory

Desktop DDR – 184 pins (PC-2100U, PC-2700U, PC-3200U).

Desktop DDR2 – 240 pins (PC2-4200U, PC2-5300U, PC2-6400U)

Desktop DDR3 – 240 pins PC3-8500U, PC3-10600U, PC3-12800U)

Laptop DDR (DDR1) – 200 pins (PC2100S, PC2700S, PC3200S).

Laptop DDR2 – 200 pins (PC2-4200S, PC2-5300S, PC2-6400S)

Laptop DDR3 – 204 pins (PC3-8500S, PC3-10600S, PC3-12800S)

ECC Registered Server RAM

Server memory is usually ECC Registered (buffered). Error checking and correction is done by the extra chips on memory sticks. For example: PC3-8500R, PC3-10600R, PC3-12800R

ECC Unbuffered RAM

For example: PC2-5300E PC2-6400E PC3-8500E PC3-10600E PC3-12800E

ECC Fully Buffered Server RAM (FB-DIMMs)

For example: PC2-5300F

What kind of customers does BUYSELLRAM.COM server?

We are business to business. We pay TOP PRICES for used memory of all types. We buy and sell memory internationally, ranging from small businesses to global corporations and government agencies.

Why pay another company to recycle your memory for you when you can get paid  for it? Not only do you get paid, but we also guarantee that you get paid TOP DOLLAR for selling your memory! Sell RAM to today!

Selling your used computer RAM for the most money is easier than you think. Learn more about your simple delivery and fast, secure payment options HERE.

Call us today at 321-972-6633 or contact us here to get a FREE quote for selling your memory, CPUs, hard drives and more!

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